Find the perfect fit. Take the guesswork out of matching the right professional with the right veterinary practice.
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Practice managers typically post to numerous sites and spend many hours sifting through resumes, conducting background and reference checks, laboring through phone interviews, and finally scheduling and supervising working interviews.

My Veterinary Career assigns one of our team members to handle this extensive process so that you can devote your time to revenue-generating activities while at work and to personal activities at the end of the workday. Instead of drowning you with resumes of unqualified applicants, your MVC matchmaker will submit only the best candidate, based on the profile you helped us build. MVC is a concierge level service to help you find the right manager or veterinarian for your practice. If you are interested in only posting an advertisement for your opening, please visit the AAHA Career Center.

Average cost to practice of adding staff:

Why is hiring so difficult?  

The 2014 AAHA Membership Survey revealed that the No. 1 veterinary practice challenge is hiring and retaining staff.

With an average industry turnover rate of 24%, many veterinary practice owners and managers are struggling to find and keep veterinarians and management staff who align with their practice culture.

(Compensation & Benefits, 7th Edition: AAHA Press, 2012).

Our Process  

My Veterinary Career recognizes that matchmaking is only one piece of the puzzle needed to truly revolutionize hiring in veterinary medicine. The MVC team is made up of professionals who understand veterinary medicine, and have been in our clients’ shoes themselves as practice owners, managers, and support staff.

Explore what makes our process unique.

The MVC Difference  

If your practice chooses to use MVC, candidate you decide to hire at the end of your interviewing process will have a reputable background, a six-month guarantee, and a personality assessment to match your practice.

If you choose to work with MVC but don’t hire our candidate, you don’t owe us a penny. For more information, contact a hiring specialist today.